Speed Up Blockchain Development with DevOps Tools

Posted By : Kapil Thakre | 30-Dec-2021


Blockchain technology is growing day by day, even experts say In 2023 top-notch companies will be using blockchain technology. But when we talk about blockchain development it is not that easy to build a blockchain-based application. building a new blockchain is a very difficult task because when you work with complex tools and technology It requires more time and effort to Implement In your application. And using DevOps tools and techniques to implement a blockchain then our development process becomes faster more reliable, and your deployment time becomes reduced and less painful. This Blog is very useful for managers and blockchain developers who are looking for a way to improve their blockchain development process.

Why do we need to use DevOps In Blockchain Development Process?

In DevOps, we are bringing together the operations team and the development team into a single team and they are able to then work more flawlessly together. one of the core practices of DevOps is continuous integration which has developers commit their code to a shared repository often on a daily basis each commit triggers an automated workflow on a CI server that can notify developers of any issues integrating their changes when a repo evolves.

In blockchain development, DevOps tools play a very important role Using the best DevOps practice you can automate most of the deployment part with fault tolerance, easy to scalable infrastructure, and you have full control over your services. Let's suppose If you are creating a complicated infrastructure for blockchain then it's really hard to manage because If you're building a black box and if anything fails then it's really hard and time-consuming for you to fix them.

Following DevOps tools To Speed Up The Blockchain Development

  1. Terraform: Terraform is basically a software tool that allows you to create your infrastructure using a code, In simple words If you need to launch an EC2 instance on an AWS server then you need to write a terraform code and after that simply run terraform apply command that's it. your EC2 instance is now automatically launched on your AWS account that's the beauty of terraforming.
  2. Ansible: Ansible is a tool for automating configuration and deployment. Let’s suppose you have multiple servers and you want to install some tools like docker or any other software in all your selected servers. what you can do Is you can simply define this software in a separate Ansible playbook and run it only once and that's it your software will install on all your server.
  3. Prometheus and Grafana: Prometheus is free software used to monitor metrics and Grafana allows us to visualize the data which is stored in Prometheus. And monitoring tool plays a very important role In the blockchain environment and you need to always keep your eyes on the metrics.
  4. Docker: Docker is a DevOps Tools to package software code and its dependencies Into the container so that the application runs quickly on any environment. suppose you want to deploy the Ethereum blockchain node on a server so you simply use a Docker for that because it's easy to manage.

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