Oodles Blockchain is the blockchain development arm of Oodles Technologies. We have rich experience in designing and developing robust blockchain solutions for businesses operating in diverse industries. Our experienced and skilled blockchain development experts enable us to showcase our leadership in fostering the community of blockchain enthusiasts. They strengthen our efforts to develop blockchain solutions for organizations as well as individuals who want to make a global impact with their disruptive ideas. We have earned the distinction of being an early mover in the blockchain space with a demonstrable track record of building impactful solutions.

What Connects Us?

We aim to fulfill our client's expectations with blockchain development services that turn business processes into growth enablers. We have the skills and drive to develop advanced blockchain solutions for industries like healthcare, finance, education, and more. Our collective vision is to be a globally recognized blockchain firm that embeds ethical and transparent business practices in its solutions. Our efforts to assist startups and established businesses in bringing their ideas to life give us a sense of achievement.

About us

Our Team

team memeber

Maneesh Madan

Chief Executive Officer
Experience - 25+ yrs

Maneesh Madan

Maneesh is an adept technology leader with a vision and passion to apply pioneering technologies in various business domains. Maneesh is also a keen Yoga enthusiast.
Technical Project Manager

Technical Project Manager

team memeber
Experience -
About :

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