EOS Blockchain Development Company

Harness the benefits of State-of-the-Art Speed, Minimal Latency, and Reduced Costs with EOS Blockchain Development Services

We develop decentralized EOS applications that facilitate high throughput operations with limited free transactions. Our EOS application development services enable a seamless and efficient transition of business processes from conventional technologies to blockchain-based systems

EOS Blockchain Development Advantages

From higher scalability to faster transactions, explore the benefits of EOS blockchain development services

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Higher scalability

EOS offers vertical, horizontal, and data access scalability to enable high-throughput solutions

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Permissioned management

High-level authorization control of accounts with declarative permission management

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Free transactions

Cost-effective operations with limited free transactions per certain time span

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Quick and easy deployment

Smooth migration to blockchain infrastructure with hassle-free deployment

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Faster transaction

Speedy execution of operations with both parallel and sequential computation

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Create reversible smart contracts and modifiable decentralized applications (dApps)

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Enhanced security through delegate proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus

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Multi-tasked Processing

Dual vertical and horizontal scalability enable multi-tasked processing of EOS smart contracts

Our EOS Blockchain Development Services

Take your business to new heights with our customized EOS development services. With expertise in the blockchain arena, Oodles stands ready to develop and launch a wide array of solutions, including

Smart Contract Development

We enable enterprises to issue service tokens and assets and implement smart contracts for business transactions

Games Application Development

We build low-latency decentralized games supported by the DPoS consensus mechanism in EOS application development services

Networking Application Development 

Our EOS blockchain development experts provide high-performance messaging and enterprise networking apps with EOS solutions

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Development

Our EOS blockchain development services extend to building secure and user-friendly DEX platforms for efficient digital asset trading

Decentralized Application (dApp) Development 

We create customizable enterprise-grade dApps that support secure application processing, horizontal and vertical scaling, and more

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development

From stablecoins to lending platforms, leverage our versatile range of DeFi solutions for EOS blockchain development services

Wallet Development

We create multi-currency and multi-asset wallets to offer seamless management of crypto and digital assets

Tools We Use for EOS Blockchain Development Services  

Our developers use the latest development tools and seasoned techniques for EOS development services

EOS Development Services Across Industries

As an EOS blockchain development company, we have extensive expertise across industries

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Supply Chain

Seamless coordination among interdependent operations in supply chain management
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Real Estate

Refined property verification and payment processes promoting better transparency in real estate management
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Asset Insurance and Trading
Highly transparent and agile trading platforms using role-based permissions and the DPoS consensus mechanism
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Accounting for Remittances

Simplified accounting solutions to implement complex financial agreements using EOS smart contract
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Secure and energy-efficient gaming platforms that support high-volume communication
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Resource Management

Platform-agnostic EOS dApps that facilitate the integration of conventional enterprise technologies
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User Messaging and Social Media

High throughput networking and messaging platforms based on the event sourcing mechanism of EOS
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Platforms with micro-credentialing, automated administrative processes, and academic credentials verification
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Identity Management

EOS-based digital identity systems for self-sovereign identity, data portability, and data monetization

EOS blockchain development involves creating dApps and smart contracts on the EOS blockchain. EOS is a fast, highly scalable, and ‘easy-to-use’ blockchain. It is versatile enough to support the development and deployment of blockchain-based applications.

EOS offers core functionalities for developing blockchain-based apps. Your business can benefit from this blockchain’s secure authentication, data hosting, permissions, and communication between the internet and dApps.

EOS primarily uses C++ as the smart contract programming language. This robust and versatile language offers a high degree of control and efficiency. It enables developers to execute complex operations and delivers reliable, scalable, and efficient decentralized applications on the EOS blockchain. EOS also supports Rust through EOSIO software.

The time required to develop an EOS application varies and depends on factors like project complexity,required functionalities, and project specifications.

Our seasoned team provides a comprehensive suite of services to support businesses in creating and launching applications on the EOS blockchain. Our expertise spans smart contract development, blockchain integration, and ongoing maintenance.

We have a proper discussion with our clients before starting any project regarding its charges. We do not impose unnecessary charges and work with transparency and trust.