Building a brand-customer relationship is crucial in any business. However, they find it difficult to securely connect their marketing activation, including events, contesting, and loyalty, to their customers. They require a brand- and consumer-friendly platform that enables them to track and manage user data.

NFT Minting Project Goals

Project Goals

  • Develop an NFT platform with the addition of CMS pages to manage existing and new pages along with auto email sending ability..
  • Add various features like a creators’ kit and functionality to create discount coupons to this platform.


The blockchain experts at Oodles have examined the client's needs and created a platform that fully addresses both technical and commercial considerations. The platform offered a loyalty program wherein brands can offer their customers NFTs. Brands can get a grasp of their customers’ transaction history in the NFT market. It also includes the framework of the NFT platform and its essential components.

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Tech Stack

  • NodeJS

  • Java Script

  • React

  • MongoDB

About the Platform

Our developed platform has functionalities of login and signup using email and password or Google Authentication. It has a dashboard for super admin and admin to manage users. Our solution also offers a marketplace for creators to sell their digital collectibles to users. It enables the integration of crypto wallets to transfer digital collectibles. It sends notifications to users for different events.


  • NFT Minting
  • NFT Transfer
  • Marketplace Statistics
  • Coupon Generation
  • Email Template Creation
  • Development of CMS Pages (homepage, news, social media, and new page)
  • Game of Prediction
  • Creators Kit


Collaborating closely with the client, Oodles developed a solution comprising NFT minting, marketplace, and gamification platform. The NFT platform with the addition of CMS pages gives our client the flexibility to manage existing and new pages along with auto email sending ability. We have included various features like creator kit to edit content before minting. The platform enables users to create discount coupons for users. Further, we delivered a new concept of gamification which is more like a trophy of a player's participation in the form of an NFT.
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