Blockchain technology could have a major effect on the real estate industry, from property purchasing to due diligence to title management. - CB Insigh and author

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Challenges that Blockchain can Solve with Real Estate Solutions

End-to-End Transparency

Processes for leasing, purchasing, and selling lower the risk for all parties by becoming more transparent with blockchain. Blockchain real estate solutions offer immutable record-keeping, data integrity, and more effective due diligence

Lower Costs

Developing real estate solutions on blockchain offers complete transparency and control for monitoring and approving property costs. Additionally, it lowers the expense of property maintenance, compliance, and accounting

Enhanced Compliance

Businesses in the real estate industry can enhance compliance and due diligence through the use of blockchain. They can utilize quick digital checks of open positions, individual profiles, and legal and financial standing with blockchain

Legally Binding Agreements

In managing lease terms and money flows, real estate smart contracts supported by blockchain offer efficiency, clarity, and transparency. They enable all the processing of real estate contracts in hours rather than days or weeks

Real-time Accounting

Investors and asset owners gain from automated and instant accounting with data storage of property ownership and financial flows on blockchain. It facilitates advancements in investor relations, regulatory supervision, and compliance

No Intermediary Involvement

Any third-party mediator that works in the real estate sector could be replaced by blockchain. Real estate assets can be traded often and simply through tokenization without the need for a middleman or the costs that come with them

Challenges that Blockchain can Solve with Real Estate Solutions

Virtual Property Platform Development

Partner with Oodles to accelerate your real estate development journey in the blockchain-based metaverse. We follow a coherent roadmap to steer your development process to ensure that you quickly tap into the market and gain a competitive edge

Real Estate NFT Development

From developing NFTs of real estate to creating fractional ownership NFTs and real estate NFT marketplaces, we offer varied solutions development. With our real estate NFT development services, simplify ownership transfer, loans and rentals, and much more


CRE Leasing and Purchase Management Platform

Develop CRE management platforms that transform time-consuming, paper-driven due diligence processes and complex property purchase and lease management processes while facilitating more efficient and transparent processing of financing and payments

Real estate NFT development

Develop smart contract-powered real estate solutions, including identity management software, leasing and mortgage platforms, investment platforms, and more. Exploit a multitude of advantages that smart contracts offer over traditional real estate contracts

Real Estate Asset Tokenization Solutions

With real estate tokenization platform development, offer digitized and automated property management processes, fractionalization to lower entry barriers, and massively increased liquidity. Develop innovative tokenization software for the real estate market

Crowdfunding Platform Development

Build a real estate crowdfunding platform that enables real estate developers to attract funds from a variety of investors. Enable investors to evaluate projects and invest directly with security, immutability, and transparency powered by blockchain

Title Management Software Development

With blockchain-based land-title registry platform development, speed up title assessment and transfer execution, simplify the use of a title as collateral, reduce overall transaction time, prevent corruption, and improve transparency about land ownership

Challenges that Blockchain can Solve with Real Estate Solutions

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