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Use our BigChainDB development suite to build seamless Blockchain apps that run over a secure Peer-to-Peer network.


Ever thought about having a comprehensive database program with all the requisite enterprise features? A database that is robust, secure, scalable and enterprise tested by millions of users. A database that also brings the astounding aspects of the Blockchain technology and features such as transparency, flexibility and decentralization.
Enter BigChainDB, a decentralized and immutable data storage software with Blockchain characteristics. It’s fast, it’s secure and it’s already changing the world of digital storage.

Business Benefits of BigChainDB

  • Immutability

    Creates a tamper-proof record of stored data and information. Data once stored in BigChainDB can never be deleted or modified. This in turn renders top-notch protection to the data against all kinds of frauds.
  • Decentralization

    No intermediary required. No third-party involvement. No single point of failure. You get a Peer-to-Peer network with optimum transparency where each node maintains a permanent copy of the ledger.
  • Query Support

    With its powerful query functionality, you can run any MongoDB query to search various entities like assets, transactions and metadata. Powered by MongoDB itself, it also reduces latency and speeds up the consensus.
  • Customization

    Create your own customized private or permissioned blockchain network with top-notch features like transparency, scalability and immutability. You can also set permissions at transaction level for a clear distribution of tasks and responsibility.

Use Cases of BigChainDB

Development using BigChainDB is mostly used by the organizations that require a queryable ledger with Blockchain elements. BigChain finds its use cases in
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Supply Chain

auction BigchainDb

Intellectual Property Rights

manager BigchainDb

Identity Management

folder BigchainDb

Data Governance

What We Offer In BigChainDB?

We, at Oodles Technologies make use of BigChain DB to build scalable decentralized applications for web and mobile platforms. We have a team of 50+ professionals exclusively working on the BigChain DB technology for over three years. With years of excellence in the niche, Oodles Technologies comes at the forefront when it comes to Blockchain App Development using BigChain DB.
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We have a highly skilled team of Blockchain Experts that are well familiar with all aspects of BigChain DB and many other frameworks.


We have more than three years of experience in building top-of-the-line Blockchain based web and mobile applications.
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Project Portfolio

Oodles Technologies has an extensive portfolio of clients from all over the world.
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