MultiChain Blockchain Solutions

Use MultiChain to build and deploy high-octane, business-specific Blockchain based applications.


MultiChain technology enables users to establish Private Blockchains that can be used within an organization for facilitating financial transactions. A full-fledged Multichain network is capable of conducting as many as 1,000 transactions per second. It provides a simple API and command-line interface to the developers that helps set up and preserve the chain.
To put into terms, MultiChain is simply a software platform that allows you to craft your own Blockchain as per your business requirements. Built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain, MultiChain has become a crucial software resource for the web-based assets

Key Features of MultiChain

  • Unconstrained Assets

    It allows users to authorize and verify an extensively large number of assets on a Blockchain-based ledger. With MultiChain, you also get support for multi-asset and multi-party transactions.
  • Permissions

    MultiChain provides a permissioned environment for the users to connect at the enterprise level. They can make transactions, create assets, blocks and data streams. With the help of finely tuned permissions, the entities can be granted permissions to operate within the Blockchain, whether public or private.
  • Data Streams

    MultiChain provides requisite support for data sharing, archiving, data encryption and timestamping. It also allows you to create unlimited data streams and time series with multiple key values.
  • Speed & Efficiency

    MultiChain offers a lightning fast development process where the users can quickly establish new Blockchains and operate efficiently with a permissioned network.

Use Cases of MultiChain

Multichain blockchian solutions


Multichain blockchian solutions

Finance & Accounting

Multichain blockchian solutions

Information Technology

Multichain blockchian solutions


Why Choose Oodles Blockchain For MultiChain Blockchain Development?

Oodles Technologies is a leading Blockchain App Development Company with a proven expertise in providing world-class MultiChain solutions at cost-effective rates. With our end-to-end Blockchain Development services, we strive to create top-notch web and mobile applications using MultiChain technology.
Multichain blockchian solutions


Oodles Technologies works on the most innovative, avant-garde and state-of-the-art technologies to bring you the finest development solutions in terms of speed, efficiency and scalability.
Multichain blockchian solutions


With a pioneering approach, we strive to take new and challenging projects driven by quality and technological advancements.
Multichain blockchian solutions


We believe in an accelerated delivery of our services to the clients without jeopardising with the quality factors.
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